MeteoSwiss and the Institute for Atmospheric and Climate Science
of ETH invite you to participate in the joint ICAM/MAP Conference.
At this event, the "International Conference on Alpine Meteorology"
(ICAM) and the "MAP Meeting" will be merged into a conference
dealing with all aspects of mountain meteorology.

The event will take place in:

Brig, Switzerland, from May 19 to 23, 2003

Scope of the Conference:

ICAM has a long tradition as the conference that focuses on the
challenges of mountain meteorology and related scientific fields,
both in basic research and operational application. The MAP
Meetings gather scientists involved in the recent Mesoscale Alpine
Programme, the largest meteorological research program ever
conducted in the European Alps; as one of its core activities, a field
campaign took place in autumn 1999.

Joining the two events will offer an opportunity to radiate MAP
results into a broader scientific and forecasting community and
to support the exchange of scientific and operational progress in
mountain meteorology.

The joint ICAM/MAP 2003 event welcomes contributions on

- dry and moist flow in, across, and around high topography

- convection, orographic precipitation, and hydrological mechanisms

- snow and ice in mountainous terrain

- mountain climates

Contributions may cover any aspect of theory, observation, analysis,
diagnostics, simulation, or forecasting. As mentioned, the fostering
of interactions between the research and application communities is
particularly encouraged.