Invitation to submit papers for a Special Issue on ICAM/MAP2003


Meteorologische Zeitschrift is a bi-monthly meteorological journal edited by Deutsche Meteorologische Gesellschaft, …sterreichische Gesellschaft fŸr Meteorologie, and Schweizerische Gesellschaft fŸr Meteorologie. The journal is thus a forum for meteorological research in central Europe in any branch of meteorology. The topics of ICAM/MAP 2003 fit especially well into the scope of Meteorologische Zeitschrift.


Meteorologische Zeitschrift invites the conference participants to submit papers with results of their original research presented in oral or poster form at the meeting in Brig, Switzerland, for publication in a Special Issue on ICAM/MAP 2003. All papers will be subject to a strict peer review process before publication.


Deadline for submission of manuscripts is 30 June 2003.


Manuscripts can be submitted electronically or in print form.


Electronic manuscript submission

Electronic submission is preferred and should be made to Special Issue

(notice the underscore in ted_metz). It is important that authors mention ÒICAM/MAP2003 Special IssueÓ in the subject line of their accompanying letter in order to have the manuscript kept in line for this special issue. Please pack the text, tables and figures into one pdf-file for reviewing. (Keep in mind, however, that the final submission of an accepted manuscript should have text and figures separate. See instructions for authors).


Manuscript submission in print form

If electronic manuscript submission is not feasible, please send four paper copies of the manuscript together with photocopies of the illustrations to the Technical Editor:

Marion Schnee
Technical Editor, Meteorologische Zeitschrift
Institute of Meteorology
University of Berlin

Carl-Heinrich-Becker-Weg 6-10
12165 Berlin


and mention ÒICAM/MAP2003 Special IssueÓ in the subject of the accompanying letter.


More information about Meteorologische Zeitschrift and instructions for authors can be obtained at