Table of contents

 Session I Dry MAP harvest
S1.1 R.B. Smith, J.D. Doyle, S. Smith:
Gravity wave breaking: MAP harvest P6
S1.2 G.J. Mayr:
Gap flows - our state of knowledge at the end of MAP
O1.1 T. Marić, D.R. Durran:
Observation and modeling of gap flow in the Wipp valley on 20 Oct 1999
O1.2 C.B. Clements, S. Zhong:
Daytime down-canyon flows in the eastern Sierra Nevada, California
O1.3 A.P. Weigel, F.K. Chow, M.W. Rotach, R.L. Street:
The nature of turbulent kinetic energy in a deep and narrow valley under convective (?) conditions
 Session II Mountain eddies
S2.1 S.S. Zilitinkevich, J.C.R. Hunt, A.A. Grachev et al.:
The effect of large eddies on the convective heat/mass transfer over complex terrain: advanced theory and its validation against experimental and LES data
O2.1 P.W. Chan, C.M.Shun:
Numerical simulation of vortex shedding observed at the Hong Kong International Airport using a shallow water model
O2.2 L. Rontu:
Vorticity budget over mountains, diagnosed from HIRLAM analyses and forcasts
Poster Session A: MAP - Rapid advertisements
A.1. R. Richiardone, M. Manfrid:
Hydrometeors' production and advection in a gravity wave environment
A.2. C. Hohenegger, C. Schär:
Are convection and instability indices good indicators of the predictability level?
A.3. A.M. Hoggarth, Y.L.Lin, H.D. Reeves:
Formation and maintenance mechanisms of the stable layer over the Po Valley during MAP IOP-8
A.4. Y.L. Lin, A.M. Hoggarth, H.D. Reeves. L.B. Smith II:
Influence of the Apennines on track deflection of Genoa cyclones
A.5. V. Ducrocq, C. Lebeaupin, D. Ricard, H. Giordani:
Torrential rain events over the Cévennes-Vivarais region
A.6. G. Jaubert, N. Colombon, V. Ducrocq et al.:
Meso-gamma 3D Var assimilation on some wet MAP events: Impact on high resolution simulations
A.7. B. Ahrens, A. Beck:
On precipitation evaluation uncertainties
A.8. S. Ivatek-Šahdan, B. Ivančan-Picek:
Sensitivity to the initial conditions - numerical simulations of the MAP IOP5 and MAP IOP15
A.9. S.A. Smith, J.D. Doyle, A. Brown, S. Webster:
Sensitivity of resolved mountain drag to model resolution for MAP case studies
A.10. L. Pedemonte, M. Corazza, D. Saccheti et al.:
Verification of limited-area models precipitation forecasts during the MAP-SOP
A.11. M. Furger, R. Werner, V. Mitev et al.:
Aerosol measurements in the Rhine Valley during föhn ­ another FORM perspective
A.12. J. Rakovec, M. Dolinar, M. Demšar, S. Micheletti:
Spatial interpolation of hourly gauge and radar precipitation during MAP SOP
A.13. V. Guénard, G. Tedeschi, P. Drobinski, J.L. Caccia:
Wave breaking over local topography during the MAP IOP 15 mistral event: Observations and high-resolution numerical simulations
A.14. Y. Wang:
On the use of the MAP field experiment data to validate the mesoscale numerical simulation
Poster Session B: Bura-like flows
B.1. L. Kraljević, B. Grisogono:
Sea-surface temperature effects on 3D bura flow
B.2. L. Kraljević, K. Špoler Čanić:
High resolution simulation of a severe bura event using nonhydrostatic numerical model
B.3. K. Špoler Čanić, L. Kraljević:
The impact of model resolution on simulated distribution of bura
B.4. Z. Bencetić Klaić, D. Belušić:
Severe Adriatic bura event from 14 to 15 November 2004
B.5. D. Drvar, I. Stiperski, M. Tudor, V. Tutiš:
ALADIN/HR: Testing the new subgrid-scale orography representation on bura cases
B.6. M. Orlić, D. Belušić, Z. Pasarić:
First measurements of bura wind at Senj with a three-axis anemometer
B.7. A. Jeričević, D. Tomšić, Z. Žibrat, K. Špoler-Čanić, L. Kraljević, B. Grisogono:
Sodar and radio sounding measurements at Zadar, Croatia
B.8. I. Janeković, M. Tudor:
The Adriatic Sea wave response to severe bura wind
B.9. M. Kuzmić, I Janeković, B. Ivančan-Picek, T. Trošić, I. Tomazić:
Severe north-eastern Adriatic bura events and circulation in greater Kvarner region
B.10. J.D. Doyle, Q. Jiang:
Nonhydrostatic mountain waves in flows with directional wind shear
B.11. R.B. Smith:
Orographic atmospheric phenomena in Patagonia: A preliminary study
B.12. B. Grisogono, L. Enger, D. Belušić:
The ABL due to a mountain pass and Coriolis effect
B.13. F. Föst, G. Haas:
An inneralpine downburst, Innsbruck 21st July 2003.
Poster Session C: Alpine meteorology
C.1. H. Starke, G. Mayr:
Case studies of low stratus decks in the vicinity of Innsbruck
C.2. P. Sacherer, G.J. Mayr:
Clustering for the Alpine end user
C.3. A. Bertò, A. Buzzi, D. Zardi:
A warm conveyor belt mechanism accompanying extreme precipitation events over north-eastern Italy
C.4. M. Tudor, I. Stiperski, V. Tutiš, D. Drvar:
ALADIN/HR: Testing the new radiation and cloudiness parametrisation
C.5. M. Tudor, V. Tutiš, D. Drvar et al.:
ALADIN/HR: Testing the new Semi-Lagrangian horizontal diffusion scheme
C.6. A. Sudy:
Flood and the role of limited area models; the 2002 flood disaster and "ALADIN AUSTRIA"
C.7. M. Žagar, K. Sucelj, J. Polajnar:
Predictability of a strong precipitation event; a case study and an investigation of model sensitivity
C.8. G. Zängl:
Large-scale-flow interactions with the Alps and their impact on the low-level temperature field in the northern foreland
C.9. G. Hartjenstein, G. Zängl, G. Doms et al.:
Numerical simulations of the Elbe flood case: Sensitivity to initial and boundary data
C.10. T. La Rocca:
Cold air damming over Po valley and Adriatic coast
C.11. K. Prömmel, B. Müller, M. Widmann, J. Jones:
Comparison of a high-resolution regional simulation and the ERA40 Reanalysis over the Alpine region
C.12. K. Horvath, L. Fita, R. Romero, B. Ivančan-Picek:
The influence of orography during deep Mediterranean cyclogenesis 11–15 November 2004
C.13. T. Kovačić:
Diagnostic maps of CAPE from LAM and data from network of synoptic stations
C.14. N. Strelec Mahović, D. Drvar:
Hailstorm on 4 July 2003 - a case study
C.15. U. Štrajnar:
Assessment of maximum precipitation rates in southeast Alps
C.16. J. Rakovec, G. Vertačnik:
Precipitation at the south side of the Alps and weather types
C.17. G. Skok, T. Vrhovec:
Interpolation considerations when comparing model and raingauge precipitation; Heavy precipitation cases analysis for Slovenia
C.18. S. Serafin, A. Bertò, D. Zardi:
Application of cluster analysis techniques to the verification of quantitative precipitation forecasts
C.19. R. Barbiero, M. Gaddo:
Extreme event: Heavy snowfall on the Trentino region on 11 March 2004
C.20. S. Vogt, R. Werner, G. Zängl:
Valley-wind characteristics in the Alpine Rhine Valley: Measurements with a wind-temperature-profiler and numerical simulations
C.21. M. de Franceschi, M. Sitta, D. Zardi:
Late frost events in an Alpine valley: measurements and characterisation of the process
C.22. S. Dalla Nora, M. de Franceschi, D. Zardi:
Setup and test of a simple model for prediction of late frost events over complex terrain
C.23. S. Martorina, N. Loglisci:
Monitoring and forecast service for ice formation over mountain road surface
C.24. V. Vukičević, V. Jurčec, B. Ivančan-Picek:
Severe Jugo wind in the Adriatic Sea
C.25. K. Burri, B. Dürr, T. Gutermann et al.:
Föhn as a rare phenomenon
C.26. R. Salerno:
Model intercomparison for research and operational use: a case study in the Alpine region
C.27. M. Telišman Prtenjak, B. Grisogono:
Topographic flows at the north-eastern Adriatic coast
C.28. A. Bertò, A. Borsato, S. Frisiaet al.:
Monthly isotopic signal of the precipitated water in the province of Trento: Lagrangian analysis and discussion of measurements
 Session III Katabatic & convective flows
S3.1 G.S. Poulos:
A historical perspective on the study of katabatic flows and future research avenues
O3.1 M.M. Miglietta, R. Rotunno:
Further results on moist nearly neutral flow past a ridge
O3.2 M.A.C. Teixeira, P.M.A. Miranda:
Gravity wave drag produced by small amplitude elliptical mountains for sheared wind profiles
O3.3 S.D. Mobbs, H. Lewis, M. Lehning et al.:
Surface observations during GAUDEX 2003
O3.4 C. Hug, F. Faure, M. Lehning et al.:
Small scale wind field simulations for the steep Gaudergrat ridge using CFX-4 and ARPS; influence of the boundary conditions and comparison with measurements
O3.5 O. Fuhrer, C. Schär:
Banded convection in moist orographic flows
 Session IV Wet MAP harvest
S4.1 R. Rotunno, R.A. Houze:
Lessons on orographic precipitation from MAP
O4.1 G. Zängl:
The impact of lee-side static stability on the distribution of orographic precipitation
O4.2 F. Lascaux, E. Richard:
Impact of mesoscale data assimilation on the fine scale numerical simulations of the MAP IOP2a
S4.2 E. Richard, A. Buzzi, G. Zängl et al.:
Quantitative precipitation forecasting in mountainous regions - pushed ahead by MAP
 Session V Föhn & bura
S5.1 R. Steinacker et al:
Unstationary aspects of föhn in a large valley
O5.1 P. Hächler:
Strong föhn as a type of severe weather
O5.2 S. Drechsel, G.J. Mayr:
Objective forecasting of föhn for the subgrid scale Wipp Valley
O5.3 D. Belušić, B. Grisogono:
Disappearance of pulsations in severe downslope windstorms
 Session VI Mountain climate
O6.1 H. Kerschner:
Weather-type climatology of precipitation in the Eastern Alps
O6.2 L.M. Wielke:
Duration of snow cover of the European Alps
O6.3 A. Ross:
Forest canopy - atmosphere interactions over complex terrain
O6.4 M. Lapin, P. Štastný, M. Chmelík:
Detection of climate change in the Slovak mountains
Poster Session D: Mountain meteorology - Rapid advertisements
D.1. R.B. Smith, Q. Jiang, J.D. Doyle:
A theory of gravity wave absorption by boundary layers
D.2. B.J. Billings, V. Grubišić, R.D. Borys:
Maintenance of a mountain valley cold pool and thermal belt: A numerical study
D.3. V. Grubišić, B.J.Billings, S.A. Cohn, W.O.J. Brown:
Sierra Rotors IOP 8: Comparison of model simulations and wind profiler observations
D.4. V. Grubišić, J. Küttner:
Final plans for the terrain-induced rotor experiment
D.5. T. Raab, G.J. Mayr:
Car based measurements of a downslope windstorm during phase I of T-REX
D.6. M. Riffler, L. Armi, G. Mayr:
Beta-plane hydraulics of the northern hemisphere jet stream
D.7. P.A. Reinecke, D.R. Durran:
Topographic blocking of flows in nonuniform static stability
D.8. S.H. Chen, Y.L. Lin, Z.Zhao, H. Reeves:
Effects of moist Froude number and orographic aspect ratio on a conditionally unstable flow over a mesoscale mountain
D.9. S. Webster, A.R. Brown, S.A. Smith:
Sensitivity of total mountain drag to model resolution for MAP case studies
D.10. S. Serafin, D. Zardi:
Critical evaluation and proposed refinement of the Troen and Mahrt (1986) boundary layer model
D.11. C.C. Chen, L. Harris, D.R. Durran, G.J. Hakim:
Lee vortices in an evolving synoptic-scale flow
D.12. H. Lewis, S.D. Mobbs, M. Lehning:
Turbulence measurements above steep terrain during GAUDEX 2003
D.13. R.R. Burton, S.B. Vosper, S.D. Mobbs:
Determining the underlying structures in modelled orographic flow
D.14. I. Stiperski, I. Kavčić, B. Grisogono:
Katabatic flow with Coriolis effect
D.15. C. Keil:
An object-oriented approach to best member selection - Towards adaptive ensemble forecasting
D.16. M.A.C. Teixeira, P.M.A. Miranda, J.L. Argain, M.A. Valente:
A linear study of high drag states and flow stagnation produced by mountain waves
D.17. R. Schiemann, S. Dirren, M.G. Glazirina, D. Lüthi, C. Schär:
Numerical downscaling of the ERA-40 reanalysis over the Central Asian topography
D.18. P. Drobinski, B. Sultan, S. Janicot:
Role of the Hoggar massif on the West African monsoon onset
D.19. A. Gerschunov, H. Kanamaru, A. Panorska:
Extreme precipitation events and California climate observations and regional modeling
D.20. M. Falvey, R. Garreaud:
A numerical case study of an orographically enhanced frontal system in central Chile
D.21. D. Stathis, D. Ivanova, C. Balafoutis, T. Makrogiannis:
Orographic effect on heavy rainfall in Chalkidiki Peninsula (Greece) induced by a Mediterranean cold front: A case study on 7 to 8 of October 2000
D.22. A. Schaffhauser, E. Todini:
On the efficiency of different radar rain gauge combination techniques in mountainous terrain
D.23. L.V. Cazacioc, A. Cazacioc:
Impact of the macro-scale atmospheric circulation on snow cover duration in Romania
D.24. P.W. Chan:
Monitoring and observation of föhn wind in Hong Kong using a multi-channel, ground-based microwave radiometer
D.25. P.W. Chan, K.K. Lai, C.M. Shun:
Measurement of turbulence in terrain-disrupted airflow at the Hong Kong International Airport using a Doppler LIDAR
D.26. A. Martin, F. Lott:
Synoptic response to mountain gravity waves encountering turning critical levels
D.27. H. Ágústsson, H. Ólafsson:
Wind gust forecasting in Iceland with the method of Brasseur
D.28. R. B. Skeie, J.E. Kristjánsson, H. Ólafsson:
Dynamical processes related to cyclone development near Greenland
D.29. H. Ágústsson, H. Ólafsson:
Four-dimensional structure of gravity waves in a windstorm in NW-Iceland
D.30. H. Ágústsson, H. Ólafsson:
The Freysnes windstorm
D.31. H. Ágústsson, J. Cuxart, T. Mira, H. Ólafsson:
Observations and simulations of katabatic flows during a heatwave in Iceland
D.32. C. Ubelmann, H. Ólafsson, G. Hafsteinsson:
A frontal-orographic severe atmospheric icing event
D.33. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson:
The response of precipitation to orography in simulations of future climate
D.34. Þ. Arason, H. Ólafsson:
Statistics of forecast errors and orography
D.35. Þ. Arason, H. Ólafsson:
Cases of large forecast errors over Iceland
D.36. T. Jónsson, H. Ólafsson:
Observations of stratospheric clouds and their connection with conditions for vertical propagation of mountain waves
D.37. H. Ólafsson:
The heat source of the föhn
D.38. H. Ólafsson:
Quasi-geostrophic flow past mountains
D.39. S. Árnason, H. Ágústsson, H. Ólafsson:
Temporal oscillations in downslope windstorms
D.40. T. Jónsson, H. Ólafsson:
Northerly windstorms in Icelandv
D.41. G. G. Tómasson, H. Ólafsson, Ó. Rögnvaldsson:
Meteorological and hydrological modeling of an extreme precipitation events in S-Iceland
D.42. H. Ólafsson, E. M. Einarsson, J. E. Kristjánsson, G. N. Petersen:
The Greenland lee low and a forecast error of the 8 January 2005 Denmark windstorm
D.43. R. B. Skeie, J. E. Kristjánsson, H. Ólafsson:
Impact of the Scandinavian mountains on an high-impact cyclone in August 2003v
D.44. H. Ólafsson:
Multi-scale orographic forcing of the atmosphere leading to an erosion event
D.45. H. Ágústsson, H. Ólafsson:
Sensitivity of simulated winds upstream of mountains to horizontal resolution
D.46. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson:
Use of the M-curve of orographic precipitation
D.47. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson:
Precipitation downsteam of a mesoscale mountain range and the vertical profile of wind and stability - results from the REX experiment
D.48. Á. J. Elíasson, H. Ólafsson:
Orographic blocking atmospheric icing of structures
D.49. Á. J. Elíasson, H. Ólafsson:
Mountain waves and atmosperic icing of structures
D.50. M. Nogaj, H. Ólafsson:
Downstream development of flow disturbances at the east coast of Greenland
D.51. A. Dörnbrack, R. Busen, S. Rahm, O. Reitebuch, R. Simmet, M. Weissmann, H. Ólafsson:
Low-level jets eminating from SE-Greenland
 Session VII Mountain climate effects
S7.1 R. Böhm, I. Auer, W. Schöner et al.:
Exploring past climate variability in the greater alpine region
O7.1 D. Efthymiadis, P.D. Jones, K.R. Briffa et al.:
A new high-resolution bi-centennial (1800–2003) precipitation dataset for the Greater Alpine Region
O7.2 A. Beck, B. Ahrens, C. Gruber:
On the evaluation of regional climate simulations over complex terrain
O7.3 N. Žagar, M. Žagar, J. Cedilnik et al.:
High-resolution wind climatology for Slovenia: a spatio-temporal verification
O7.4 T. Cegnar:
Mountain weather and climate in media
 Session VIII Air flow over the Alps
S8.1 M.W. Rotach, D. Zardi:
On the boundary layer structure over highly complex terrain: key findings from MAP and related projects
O8.1 S. Bastin, P. Drobinski, O. Bock et al.:
On the interaction between sea breeze and summer Mistral at the exit of the Rhône valley during the ESCOMPTE experiment
S8.2 K.P. Hoinka, H.C. Davies:
Upper-level flow features and the Alps: An overview
 Session IX Alpine hydrology
S9.1 R. Ranzi, B. Bacchi, M. Zappa:
Hydrological aspects of the MAP: findings from field experiments and simulations
O9.1 M. Verbunt, A. Walser, J. Gurtz et al.:
Probabilistic runoff forecasting using a coupled atmospheric-hydrologic Ensemble Prediction System
O9.2 A. Barbi, A. Bonan, R. Millini, A.M. Rossa:
Characterization of intense precipitation events over small scale, southern Alpine river catchments
O9.3 B. Bica, R. Steinacker:
High resolution precipitation analysis over complex terrain by using physical a priori knowledge
 Session X Mountain weather modelling I
S10.1 H. Ólafsson:
Forecasting terrain-induced disturbances in the atmospheric flow
O10.1 H. Wells, S. Webster, A.N. Ross, A.R. Brown:
The effect of wind direction on flow past South Georgia
O10.2 C. Hohenegger, C. Schär:
Sensitivity of perturbation growth to flow characteristics and sampling strategy
O10.3 S. Davolio, A. Buzzi, P. Malguzzi:
Orographic influence on deep convection: case study and sensitivity experiments
O10.4 D. Klarić, S. Ivatek-Šahdan:
Analysis of the low level jets associated with MAP IOP 2b case
 Session XI Mountain weather modelling II
O11.1 H.D. Reeves, Y.L. Lin:
The effects of a mountain on the propagation of pre-existing convection for different Froude number flow regimes
O11.2 A. Borroni:
Simulations of a November thunderstorm event by two mesoscale models in the south Alpine region
O11.3 B. Ivančan-Picek, S. Ivatek-Šahdan, V. Grubišić:
Vertical structure of the Dinaric Alps flow during the MAP IOP15
O11.4 Y. Seity:
Numerical simulations of MAP IOP 2b with AROME
O11.5 C. Chemel, E. Chaxel, O. Couach, J.P. Chollet:
Influence of the interactions of local dynamical processes with large-scale flow on air quality in the Grenoble area
 Session XII Mountain bioclimatology
S12.1 A. Matzarakis, E. Rudel, M. Zygmuntowski, E. Koch:
Thermal human bioclimatic conditions for Austria and the Alps
O12.1 E. Rudel, M. Zygmuntowski, A. Matzarakis, E. Koch:
Thermal bioclimate conditions in the alpine regions of Austria
O12.2 K. Zaninović, T. Cegnar, A. Matzarakis:
Thermal comfort trends and variability in the Croatian and Slovenian mountains
Poster Session E: Mountain climatology - Rapid advertisements
E.1. W. Schöner, R. Böhm, M. Zemp et al.:
First climate related analyses of a recovered Alpine long-term glacier variability dataset
E.2. M. Dorninger, T. Gorgas, A. Beck et al.:
Evaluation of retrospective regional climate model runs with VERA within the project reclip: more
E.3. M. Melo:
Warmer periods in the Slovak mountains according to analogue method and coupled GCM
E.4. I. Auer, R. Böhm, R. Potzmann et al.:
A high resolution temperature climatology for the Greater Alpine Region (GAR)
E.5. M. Brunetti, T. Nanni, M. Maugeri et al.:
Patterns of precipitation variability in the Greater Alpine Region
E.6. A. Jurković, I. Auer, R. Böhm et al.:
The new centennial snow initiative for the greater alpine region (GAR) - status report and first results
E.7. I. Auer, E. Korus:
The variability of heat waves and dry spells in the flat and mountainous regions of Austria
E.8. N. Žagar, M. Žagar, J. Cedilnik et al.:
Downscaling of ERA40 for the wind field in a complex terrain
E.9. A. Irimescu, A. Nertan, C Irimescu, C. Dragota:
Study of the influences of geographical factors on the wind speed and frequency. Study case in SW of Romania
E.10. W. Verant, G. Mayr:
Climatology of north föhn
E.11. F. Föst, G.J. Mayr:
Objective south föhn climatology for Innsbruck and the Wipp Valley
E.12. S. Fratianni, A. Biancotti, B. Cagnazzi, V. Gai:
Climatological study of the wind in Piedmont
E.13. K. Pandžić, K., K. Weigel, T. Likso:
Wind roses for several onshore-offshore profiles at the Eastern Adriatic Coast
E.14. M. Viher, K. Pandžić, A. Marki:
Continuous records of non-standard radio wave refraction in Alpine region
E.15. M. Mileta:
Fog water collection in Croatia
E.16. T. Andreeva, M. Martinov:
Extreme winter time in the mountain regions of Bulgaria
E.17. J. Schmidli, C. Frei:
Statistical and dynamical downscaling of daily precipitation statistics in the European Alps
E.18. J. Rubinić, N. Ožanić:
The relation between intensive daily and annual precipitation quantities at the Gorski kotar area (Croatia)
E.19. M. Gajić-Čapka:
Snow regime characteristics for tourism in the Natural Park Medvednica, Croatia
E.20. D. Rasol, K. Špoler Čanić:
Meteorological characteristics of a snow pit in Gorski kotar region (Croatia)
E.21. D. Počakal:
Influence of orography on hail characteristics in the continental part of Croatia
E.22. M. Fazzini, A. Cecili, M. Gaddo, P. Billi:
Proposal for an auto-updating snowfall map of the Trentino territory (Eastern Alps of Italy)
E.23. L. Lombrosso, S. Fazlagić, S. Quattrocchi:
Snowfall on Central-eastern Po valley and Apennines (Italy): A forecasting and climate change challenge
E.24. G.S. Poulos, D.A. Wesley, J.S. Snook:
Causes of simultaneous lee and upwind record snowfall and extraordinary snowfall variation in a Rocky Mountain Blizzard
E.25. M. Fazzini, A.Giuffrida, G. Frustaci:
Snowfall analysis over peninsular Italy in relationship to the different types of synoptic circulation: First results
E.26. M. Valt, A. Cagnati, A. Crepaz, G. Marigo:
Snow precipitation in the last years on Italian Alps
E.27. M. Lapin, P. Faško:
Snow cover changes in the Little Carpathians in Slovakia
E.28. N. Petkova, R. Brown, E. Koleva, V. Alexandrov:
Snow cover changes in Bulgarian mountainous regions, 1931-2000
E.29. S. Jaun, J. Kleinn, C. Frei, J. Gurtz, C. Schier:
Climate change impacts on the hydrology and snow cover in the upper Rhine basin
E.30. Ž. Majstorović, A. Toromanović, L. Gabela:
Changes in precipitation regime in Sarajevo (1894-2003)
E.31. V. Pasquale, M. Verdoya, P. Chiozzi:
Orographic influence on the central-northern Italy climate from underground temperatures
E.32. V. Vučetić, M. Vučetić:
Temperature sums and climatic variations in the Parg region
E.33. V. Vučetić, M. Vučetić:
The phenological fluctuations as a possible signal of climatic changes
E.34. H. Scheifinger, H. Winkler, E. Koch:
Arrival dates of migrating birds in Central Europe and climat variability
E.35. C. Draxl, G. Mayr:
Wind energy potential at wind measurement sites in the Tyrolean Alps
E.36. L. Enger, W. Jayawardena:
A dynamic model for simulating air pollution and wind fields in Sri Lanka
E.37. E. Griesser, I. Vergeiner:
Simulation of an extreme winter NOX episode in the Inntal, Austria
E.38. P. Seibert, D. Heimann, P. Suppan:
ALPNAP - a new project on traffic-induced noise and air pollution along transport routes in the Alps
E.39. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson:
Numerical simulations of the climatology of winds in the complex terrain of Iceland
E.40. R. F. Friðriksson, H. Ólafsson:
Estimating errors in wintertime precipitation observations by comparison with snow observations
E.41. K. Halkola, H. Ólafsson, Y. Gjessing:
The mass balance of a small glaciers in N-Iceland
E.42. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson. H. Ágústsson:
Applications of numerical simulations to investigate snow accumulation for the estimation of avalanche risk in mountainous terrain
E.43. T. Jónsson, H. Ólafsson:
The Kvísker 2002 precipitation record
E.44. H. Ólafsson:
Surface roughness and local winds
E.45. Ó. Rögnvaldsson, H. Ólafsson:
Occurrence of wet snow icing in mountains in a regional downscaling of future climate simulations
E.46. C. Mares, I. Mares:
Theoretical predictability estimation in the highest mountain zone in Romania
E.47. C. Flueraru, G. Stancalie, S. Catana, E. Savin:
Estimation of snowcover in Carpathian Mountains using integrated GIS/remote sensing information
E.48. G. Stancalie, S. Catana, C. Flueraru:
Evaluation and monitoring of snow cover and related water resources in Carpathian watersheds of Romania using orbital remote sensing
E.49. S. Boychenko, V. Voloshchuk, O. Zviglyanych:
Features of modern transformation of climatic conditions in region of the Ukrainian Carpathians
 Session XIII Mountain waves & rotors
O13.1 J.D. Doyle, D.R.Durran:
The dynamics of rotors and sub-rotors in three dimensions
O13.2 V. Grubišić, B.J. Billings:
Sierra waves and rotors: A study of the Sierra rotors IOP 8 event
O13.3 P.F. Sheridan, S.B. Vosper:
A linear theory for lee-wave rotors
O13.4 C.C. Chen, G.J. Hakim, D.R. Durran:
Transient mountain waves and their interaction with large scales
O13.5 D.R. Durran, C.C. Chen, G.J.Hakim:
Mountain wave momentum flux in an evolving synoptic-scale flow
 Session XIV More MAP highlights
S14.1 C. Flamant, T. Vrhovec, R. Steinacker, G. Mayr:
Summary of the observation-related advances in MAP
O14.1 U. Germann, G. Galli, M. Boscacci:
Radar precipitation measurement in the Alps - big improvements triggered by MAP
O14.2 A. Gohm, G.J. Mayr:
On the bora breakthrough near a mountain gap
S14.2 V. Grubišić, C. Schär, C. Flamant:
Summary of orographic PV banner studies in MAP
 Session XV ICAM-MAP perspectives
S15.1 H. Volkert:
The Mesoscale Alpine Programme (MAP): A multi-facetted success story
O15.1 M. Didone, D. Lüthi, H.C. Davies:
Exploring and validating LM performance at very high resolution
O15.2 L. Quinn, S.D.Mobbs, K.V. Mardia, S.B. Vosper:
High resolution data assimilation: Falklands Islands
O15.3 D. Cane, M. Milelli:
Use of multimodel super ensemble technique for mountain-area weather forecast in the Olympic area of Torino 2006
O15.4 A. Walser, M. Arpagaus, M. Leutbecher, C. Appenzeller:
Short-range limited-area ensemble forecasts for two European winter storms: The impact of moist singular vectors and horizontal resolution